• Implants

    Murray Hill Dental, P.C. provides the best and most affordable dental implants in New York and surrounding areas. Implants are usually the ideal choice when it comes to seeking out options for replacing missing teeth. While removable dentures and fixed bridges may be good options as well, dental implants happen to be the right choice for long-term replacements.

    The process of a dental implant at Murray Hill Dental involves a specialized dentist assigned to you – surgically placing an artificial rootmade of titanium within your jawbone.

    Long before now, patients would only depend on fixed bridge or removable denture to bring back their ability to smile properly, eat, and speak, but these are not the perfect solution and every so often bring with them a number of other issues and complications. Such may include a removable denture slipping out of its way or causing embarrassing click-sounds while the patient maybe eating or speaking. And then the candidates wearing them may require several months or years to get properly used to them. They also could lead to bone loss in the area where the tooth or teeth may be missing. Since they are not so durable, such fixed bridges and removable dentures may require replacement several times over a lifetime.

    In these current times, the ultimate option for patients who may have missing teeth is dental implant treatment. These never slip or make awkward noises, and never decay. There are also never bone loss issues. Contact us now at Murray Hill Dental, P.C., for the best dental implant New York.