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Teeth Straightening for Adults

Having self-confidence comes from many different avenues—one of them being our teeth and smile!  If you don’t have the smile you want, it can make you hesitant to talk to people and also less likely to go after those things you really want in life.

Many women think their smile is something that they would like to fix or change about themselves, often times they don’t consider having their teeth straightened as an adult.  Having metal all in their mouth may just remind them of being a preteen or teen—but in today’s dental world, metal braces aren’t the only option!

With braces, there are clear aligners that are barely visible and there are also metal braces that are “clear”, making them less visible and also more comfortable than the metal braces used to be.  Best Local Dentist By My House Manhattan NY 10016


About 75% of most people are not born with naturally straight teeth and could really benefit from their teeth being straightened.  In the United States alone, around 4.5 million people wear some sort of braces or appliance to achieve straight teeth……and one in five of those same people, are adults.

Having your teeth straightened is more than just about having a pretty smile—there are many more benefits to consider!  Having straight teeth can help you chew, bite, and even speak more effectively.  The gums will be healthier, and having straight teeth will also make flossing much easier!

The mental and social benefits are also huge!  Having a nice smile will boost your self-esteem, self-confidence, and also self-image.  This leads to greater success socially and in your career.  Best Local Dentist By My House Manhattan NY 10016


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