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Pacifying toddlers can harm development of teeth

As a mother of 3, one of my kids being a 7 month old, it is so easy to use a pacifier to calm and help soothe the baby. My first two children absolutely loved their “binkies”…….but my last one, not so much. In a way though, that has worked in our favor.

Dental experts are now warning that once a child has reached their preschool years, using a pacifier is a habit that can impede on the development of healthy teeth. When your child uses a pacifier past the age of 3, serious dental issues can occur. Probably the most common is an open space in the front teeth or an overbite, where the upper teeth protrude past the bottom teeth.
Sucking the thumb is different from using a pacifier. A pacifier is a learned response—it is easier to “unlearn” the habit. Prolonged pacifier use often times will result in the child becoming a prolonged thumb-sucker after the pacifier has been taken away. Doing this puts the child at risk for the teeth being adversely modified from their natural position. Find A Dentist Around My House Manhattan NY 10016

Pacifier use not only affects the teeth, but also it can cause the user to be more likely to suffer from acute middle ear infections. You can expect a toddler that uses a pacifier past their toddler years to need braces.
Parents do not want to upset their children and see them cry when its time to take the pacifier away. But breaking that habit can prevent orthodontic costs down the road—a financial incentive to really consider. Find A Dentist Around My House Manhattan NY 10016