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Questions Your Teen May Have About Their Teeth

As long as you are routinely going to your dentist, chances are, your dentist will eventually suggest you visit an orthodontist.  Of course, you do not have to……but, if there is a possibility that an orthodontist could create an even more beautiful smile for you, why not!  As teens, it is important for them to feel confident with themselves, and one of the things that can help that, is having a healthy smile.  But with that, comes loads of questions.  So here are some common questions, along with some answers to help you out!


Will my teeth continue to change after braces?

There are several studies out there that have shown that as people get older, their teeth will begin to shift.  This is known as maturational change.  It slows down after your early 20’s but will continue throughout a lifetime for most people.  The same goes for those children/teenagers that didn’t even need treatment.  The thing is, orthodontic issues can occur for them, as adults.  The most common change is crowding of the lower front teeth.  Orthodontic treatment will suggest wearing a retainer to help stabilize and prevent the teeth from changing.


Should I have my 3rd molars removed?

Your third molars are what we know as our “wisdom teeth”.  These teeth don’t always lead to the teeth shifting, and often times they are removed for general dental health reasons—rather than orthodontic health.  Your orthodontist and dentist will world together to guide you in this process, and help decide if it is necessary or not.  Find Dentist Reviews Manhattan NY 10016


What will happen to my teeth and gums if they aren’t kept clean during orthodontic treatment?

One of your primary goals with orthodontic treatment should be keeping your teeth healthy.  If they aren’t cleaned properly, white spots called decalcification, can occur.  If the plaque that gathers is not regularly removed, a patient can develop gum disease.  Your orthodontist, orthodontist staff, dentist, and dental hygienist ALL will work together for the good of the patient and their dental health.  Find Dentist Reviews Manhattan NY 10016


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