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Frequently Asked Questions about Braces

I have a 7 ½ year old boy, and just recently, his dentist and orthodontist have been talking about preventive orthodontic treatment. Of course my eyes got wide……what does that mean? My baby boy will have to have braces early? So many questions! So if you are like me… want answers! So, here are some common questions with the best answers!

What is Preventive Orthodontic Treatment?
This type of treatment is used to keep a bad bite or crooked teeth from continuing to get worse or even developing in an otherwise normal mouth. You dentist and orthodontists goal will be to provide the space needed so that the permanent teeth can come in. Sometimes treatment requires a space maintainer……this will provide and hold the space for a baby tooth that is lost to early or if a primary tooth has to be removed in order to create space for the permanent teeth.

What is Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment?
This type of treatment is performed for problems, that if they are left untreated, will lead to more serious dental problems over time. The whole goal in this treatment plan is to reduce the severity of a developing problem and also to eliminate what is causing it. This also will reduce the length of comprehensive orthodontic treatment that will be needed later on. Some examples: Correcting the bite or teeth that was messed up due to thumb-sucking or finger-sucking habit; guiding permanent teeth into the correct position (possibly removing teeth or adjusting the tooth’s size); gaining or holding space for the permanent teeth. Interceptive Treatment is available to patients who still have primary teeth or even a mix of primary and permanent. Sometimes the patient will require more than one phase of interceptive orthodontic treatment. Fix My Teeth Manhattan NY 10016

What is Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment?
This treatment is needed for problems that involve alignment of the teeth, how the jaw is functioning, and also how the top and bottom teeth will fit together. The goal in this type of treatment is to identify and correct the problem, then restore the bite to its correct form. Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment is available to patients that still have primary teeth, or a mix of primary and permanent, or even those who only have permanent teeth. Treatment can be one phase, or many phases—all depends on the nature of the problem and what the goal in treatment is. Sometimes this type of orthodontic treatment will also require other dental treatment like oral surgery (tooth extraction/jaw surgery), gum care, or restorative (fillings, implants, crowns, etc). When this treatment is over, the patient must wear a retainer to keep the teeth in the new position. Fix My Teeth Manhattan NY 10016

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