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Common Questions About Dental and Orthodontic Treatments


What is a Space Maintainer?

We all get baby molar teeth, also known as primary molar teeth.  And they are needed to hold the space for the permanent teeth that are set to come in at a later date.  Sometimes, the baby molar tooth or teeth, are lost to early.  If this happens, a space maintainer, an orthodontic device that has a fixed wire, is put between the teeth to hold the space open for the permanent tooth.


Why Do Baby Teeth Need To Be Removed For Some Kids?   How To Fix Crooked Teeth Fast Manhattan NY 10016

Well, not every mouth is created equal.  Some are lucky to be born with just the right amount of space for all the teeth…..and some, not so lucky!  For those who are unlucky, removing baby teeth may be needed so that the really crowded permanent teeth that come in, can come in at the normal time……with a reasonably normal location.  When the teeth are horribly crowded, sometimes unerupted permanent teeth will remain impacted (a tooth that should come in, but does not) or they will come into a very undesirable position.  In order for the crowded teeth to move on their own into the appropriate position, removing the baby teeth can dramatically improve a case of severe crowding.  This is called sequential extraction (or serial extraction).  After this takes place, comprehensive orthodontic treatment is soon to follow.  Once all the permanent teeth have come in, sometimes certain permanent teeth are selected to be extracted in order to still correct crowding, especially if more space is needed for the teeth to move or to correct a bit issue.  Don’t worry!  When you have this done, an orthodontist will leave the patient with not only a pleasing look but a very functional mouth!  How To Fix Crooked Teeth Fast Manhattan NY 10016


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