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Tips For Teens


*Stay Away From Oral Piercings

If someone has a tongue or mouth piercing, it can easily chip their teeth while they are eating, sleeping, talking, or chewing food.  Sometimes the fracture is just confined to the tooth’s enamel and it will require a filling—but it also can go deeper.  If that’s the case, a root canal or tooth extraction may be required.

With oral piercings, infections in the mouth are much more common.  The tongue can swell after it is punctured, and sometimes it can swell so bad it interferes with breathing.  If the piercing used are not cleaned properly, they can also cause infections like blood-borne hepatitis.


*Take the Time For Healthy Habits  Local Dentist Reviews Manhattan NY 10016

Often times teens will grab a nutrition bar for a quick meal or fast food.  Extracurricular activities and part time jobs can also contribute to them not taking the time for a balanced meal.  The problem is, these habits can permanently damage their health, and oral health.  Teens really need to stick to a healthy diet filled with apples, carrots, and cheese.  If they can, have them keep a small toothbrush in their locker or backpack.

It is also good for them to chew sugarless gum after meals or snacks.  Chewing gum will allow for more saliva production, and these will help cleanse the teeth of any excess bacteria or food.

Make sure they are not forgetting their dental visits!  Twice a year is the recommendation for cleanings and exams.  Staying on top of these visits is key for them to have a healthy smile that hopefully, will last a lifetime!  Local Dentist Reviews Manhattan NY 10016


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