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Common Questions Continued…


Its truly amazing how many questions can come, when we start talking about dental health.  When we have kids, honestly, their teeth are probably the last thing on our mind……but as they start losing teeth and those permanent teeth start trying to squeeze their way into their mouth………oh how the questions will start to flood our minds!


My ten year old daughter has 4 baby teeth remaining, and I know she will be due for braces in the next year.  But for her, it’s not just braces.  Her dentist and orthodontist will also have to work together to build her a tooth.  She has an adult tooth that is MUCH smaller than the other one—-and is already getting a complex about it.  So, I honestly can’t wait until braces and all the rest, so that she can feel confident about her smile!


One of the most common questions pre-teen/teenagers will ask is “What can I do to help the process and get my braces off sooner?”.  Believe it or not, you can do things to help!  One of the best things is to follow the instructions of your orthodontist when it comes to your oral hygiene—keeping the teeth and gums clean!  Also, when they ask you to wear appliances like rubber bands or headgear…………do it!  When you cooperate, it will help speed up your treatment!  Patient Ratings For Dentists Manhattan NY 10016


Another question out there is “What will I look like with braces on”?  Well……with todays orthodontics, there are SO many choices available!  So what you will look like, really depends on what kind of braces are chosen for your treatment.  Most pre-teens and teenagers will get silver-coated brackets and wires……but there are also tooth-colored brackets available!  Not to mention the clear plastic aligners!  Patient Ratings For Dentists Manhattan NY 10016


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