• Cad Cam Technology

    Cad Cam Technology

    At Murray Hill Dental, P.C., we shape dentistry with the best of Cad Cam technology in New York for the best of dental treatments!

    The CAD/CAM as an acronym stands for computer-aided design or computer-aided manufacturing. This is used for producing precision tools and with its incorporation into the field of dentistry over the past 2 decades, the technology and metal-free materials has been utilized by dentists to provide dental candidates milled ceramic crowns, onlays &inlays, veneers and bridges.

    Right here at Murray Hill Dental, P.C., we utilize the CAD/CAM technology to producedental supports for patients’ dental implants, and for replacing missing teeth.

    With the CAD/CAM technology – New York dentistry have improved over the years and we take pride as a dental clinic to be amongst the top locations in New York using the technology to better the dental health of the city’s residents and visitors.

    Murray Hill Dental, P.C. CAD/CAM restorations for patients are much better-fitting, more durable and more natural looking as similar to natural teeth, when compared to results from earlier day machined restorations. Current studies have revealed that current day milled CAD/CAM restorations happen to be much durable/stronger than those milled from previous times. These are also proven to less likely fracture!