• Inlays Onlays

    In a situation that more than half of a person’s tooth biting surface must have been damaged – Murray Hill Dental, P.C. certified dentist will perform an inlay or onlay treatment. Practically, this is a more conventionalform of treatment as against treating with a crown.

    The contents used for making inlays and onlays could be of porcelain material, gold, or composite resin. It is this prepared material that gets bonded to the damaged tooth area of a patient. Inlay can also be said to be similar to a filling, and is utilizedwithin the edge tips of the tooth. On the other hand, the onlay is a more sizablereconstruction,comparable to the inlay – however – extends out over one or more of the tips of the tooth.

    Generally, gold has been the choice material for inlays and onlays. But in recent times, porcelain material has become moreprogressivelycommon due to its strength and color. The porcelain is designed to potentially match the natural color of a patient’s teeth, making it more desirable.

    So dental inlays and dental onlays are restorations utilized to fix rear teeth with slight to moderate decay or fractured teeth that are not amply damaged to require the use of a crown. Contact Murray Hill Dental, P.C. expert dentist today for your perfect & affordable New York Inlays and Onlays dental sessions.