• Invisalign

    Invisalign may be the ideal option of dental treatment for you if you have crowded or shifted teeth, and our renowned dentists at Murray Hill Dental, P.C. are the right doctors to help you with it much affordably and effectively.

    With an invisalign option, it becomes the ideal choice and method to help straighten teeth utilizing series of invisible or unnoticeable aligners. It is achieved by firstly creating an impression of the patient’s teeth using 3D computer technology.

    Once produced, each set of aligners can then be worn for around 2 weeks or so, while it progressively moves the teeth bit by bit, millimeter by millimeter until the final outcome of straighter teeth is attained.

    It is a process that does not involve using metal wires or brackets;hence it is much of a convenient and desirable option for patients. With Invisalign – brushing and flossing are also not an issue – since it is easily removable.

    Contact Murray Hill Dental, P.C. today for the ultimate Invisalign dental treatment – and enjoy that super ideal – invisible, detachable, and comfortable set of aligners that will provide you the awesome straight teeth you’ve always desired. It is great for both adults and teenagers alike!