• OP 300 Cat Scan

    At Murray Hill Dental, P.C., we have put together and invested in state-of-the-art 3D technology that takes patient dental care in New York and its surrounding areas – to a whole new level.

    With our acquired OP 300 Cat Scan –we now have the best of 3D dental imaging system that’s designed and produced with absolute dental patient’s safety in mind.

    The OP 300 CAT Scan provides us with outstanding data that simply cannot be detected with traditional 2D images. Utilizing this new technology &powerful tool in our New York dental office, we can conveniently and assuredly view a patient’s anatomy in just almost any direction, and this helps us to creatively diagnose and plan our dental treatment procedure with much better accuracy.

    This technology combines cutting-edge panoramic imaging with a truly adaptable platform for delivering the best of dental treatments in our clinic. Its 3D imaging programs enables us to carry out a 3D exam that assures perfect patient positioning! It also guarantees the right patient positioning while reducing the chances of unwanted movement during exposure!

    It is special equipment that puts us several miles ahead of other dental clinics not utilizing it, and there are of-course many in that category.

    It simply provides us very high resolution which is great for more detailed diagnostics! Visit our New York Dental clinic today, and enjoy the beauty of this!