• TMJ treatment

    Technically – TMJ as an acronym means Temporo-Mandibular Joint. It is related to dental problem, and the signs of the disorder of TMJ include but not limited to:joint clicking and popping, grinding noises, migraines, too much wear on teeth, and neck pain amongst others. These are the more commonly experienced signs of TMJ.

    At Murray Hill Dental, P.C., we provide TMJ treatment in New York and this is very affordable within our clinic. The treatment of TMJ involves wearing a small clear plastic piece of equipment to provide relief. In the scene that you suffer migraines, please contact us immediately for available FDA approved treatment that we provide to all.

    Note that a patient’s temporo-mandibular joint happens to be the hinge that connects his or her jaw to the temporal bones of his or her skull, which are right at the front of each ear. This allows a patient move his or her jaw up and down, from side to side, helping the process of talking, chewing and even yawning, amongst others.

    When there are issues with your jaw and the muscles within your face, we can diagnose and where found, conclude that it is a temporo-mandibular disorder issue. No need to worry if you are in this category, as you can reach out to us now for the best of New York TMJ treatment.