• Veneers

    At Murray Hill Dental, P.C., we also provide patients the ultimate best of New York veneer solutions.

    Dental veneers are conventional, all-porcelain, free of metal dental restorations that help protect and restore the front area of a patient’s teeth. It helps to offer a patient a sense of total well-being, boosts confidence, and restores beauty. Our in-house trained and expert New York dentists offer porcelain veneer dental solutions which are perfect for patients that seek to repair cavities, wear, fractures, cracks, over-crowded teeth, ugly teeth gaps, tooth sizes, forms, and several more.

    When an individual has teeth that is badly stained or shaped, such may be best improved by a veneer placed upon the surface of such affected teeth.

    Typically, veneers are small bits of porcelain or plastic smoothened over the front of your teeth to change their shape, color or form. These can be utilized on teeth with irregular surfaces or those that are fragmented, discolored, abnormally shaped, unequally spaced or crooked. With this treatment, little or no anesthesia would be required. They are known to have longer life expectancy and stability of color than bonding, and also for resisting stains from cigarette, coffee or tea, amongst others.

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