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You may have been told you suffer from Periodontal Disease.  Periodontal Disease is present in many different stages, the first stage is gingivitis.  With gingivitis, the gums become red, swollen, and bleed easily.

The thing is, when gingivitis is not treated, it moves onto a new stage called Periodontitis.  This term means inflammation around the tooth.  With periodontitis, the gums will begin to pull away from the teeth and form things called pockets.  These pockets become infected.  Your body’s immune system will start fighting the bacteria, but the plaque will begin to spread and then grow below the gum line.  The toxin in the bacteria along with the body’s enzymes that are produced when it starts to fight the infection, will start to break down the bone and tissue that surround teeth and hold them in their place.  If Periodontitis is not treated, the bones, gums, and tissue that support the teeth become destroyed.  There is no fixing this, and the result will be tooth loss.

So what are some risk factors for developing Periodontal Disease?  See the below information:

*Smoking:  If the reasons for quitting haven’t bumped you over the edge yet, maybe the thought of losing your teeth will.  Smoking is one of the most significant factors that plays a role in developing periodontitis.  And if you are being treating for Periodontal Disease and it isn’t working as well as you or the dentist would hope, the likely cause is smoking.  It can lower the chance of some treatments working well. Scope Mouthwash Flavors Manhattan NY 10016

*Harmonal Changes:  As a girl or women (even pregnancy), the gums will change and become more sensitive.  When this happens, it is easier for gingivitis to develop.

*Diabetes:  If you suffer from diabetes, you are always at a higher risk of developing infections…..and one of those to add to the list is periodontal disease.

*Stress:  There is research out there that proves that stress makes it more difficult for our bodies to fight infection, and this includes gum disease.

*Medication:  Drugs that prescribed, like antidepressants and heart meds, can have an effect on your oral health.  These drugs lessen the flow of saliva—and saliva actually protects the teeth and gums.

*Illness:  AIDS, Cancer, or any other disease can affect the health of the gums.  Treatment of these diseases can also have an effect on the mouth. Scope Mouthwash Flavors Manhattan NY 10016


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