Treatment for Headaches Manhattan NY 10016

Headaches Related to Your Mouth


Scientists have known for years what damage a Tsunami could do…….but it took it’s destructive force for people to realize it.  In a way, Dentistry has its own Tsunami called Occlusion.

Occlusion is the “bite” of the teeth……the way it comes together.  The mandible is supported by muscles in the head and neck.  People experience headaches, neck pain, migraines, teeth loss, and even mental depression because of head and neck pain that all is attributed to their bite.

Have you ever chewed gum for so long that the muscles in your jaw become sore?  That is the result of the muscle being overworked—and a build up of lactic acid occurs.  When the muscle is overworked because of bite problems, that is when the pain starts setting in in the form of a headache, neck ache, TMJ pain, the ears may ring…….the list goes on!  Treatment for Headaches Manhattan NY 10016

The Dental world believes that 60-80% of headaches can be traced back to the bite and teeth.  Sometimes the pain is mild, but often times it can be so severe that it affects people’s lives drastically.  This type of pain leads to poor sleep, poor health, failed work performance and relationships, and even depression.  A lot of time symptoms of headaches, stress, sinus problems, etc are misdiagnosed, when the fact is, if they are diagnosed correctly, it can be treated almost immediately to provide relief to those who have suffered for years.

Dentistry is not just about having a beautiful smile.  It’s about taking care of your oral health.  If someone is dealing with headaches on a daily basis, and has been for the majority of their life—when you can offer them complete pain relief overnight, it will dramatically improve their life.  Treatment for Headaches Manhattan NY 10016


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